"SNAKE XENZIA" online game

On this page you can play online game "Boa and rabbits" (the other names - "Snake", "Python", "Hunting for rabbits" etc.). The snake (green) should eat all the rabbits (red), passing the minimum path to each of them. The total number of points gained, depends on the number of rabbits eaten and the distance the snake crawled before eating each rabbit.

There are only 5 levels of difficulty, differing in the speed of the snake, as well as its length. At each level it is necessary to swallow 9 rabbits. With each swallowed rabbit, the length of the python increases by 1 segment, which gradually complicates the game. The current level and the remaining number of rabbits are always displayed on the screen.

If the snake hits the edge of the field (makes an attempt to go beyond) or crosses its body, it dies and the game is over.


The movement of the snake is controlled by the numeric keys on the additional keyboard in the corresponding direction (in the 'NUM LOCK' mode): `4`-left, `6`-right, `8`-up, `2`-down, and `7`, `9`, `1`, `3` - on the diagonals.

The key `5` allows you to pause the game, press it again to resume game. Pressing the `Esc` key completely stops the game with the output of the result.

You can also control the movement of the snake using letter keys: `A`-left, `D`-right, `W`-up, `X`-down, and `Q`, `E`, `Z`, `C`- on the diagonals. In this case, the `S` key acts as the `5` key.

You can also control the movement of the snake with the mouse (on mobile devices using touchscreen), clicking the images of the keys above the playing field. Directions correspond to the control of the keyboard.

To start the game, click the "Start the Game" button, and before the new game, reload this page.