"Fox Oring" ("Fox Hunting") online game

On this page you can play "Fox Hunting" logical game online for free. In real life this game known as "Fox Oring" that is a variation of "sport orienteering". But if you are too lazy to run through the woods, you can train your brain, sitting at the computer.

The goal of the game is to find the 5 "foxes" hidden on the playing field, gaining the minimum number of points. This number depends on the number of moves you made, as well as their effectiveness.

Opening the cell on the playing field (using left mouse button), you will see either an image of "fox" or a figure indicating their total number vertically, horizontally and diagonally from the opened cell.

The game ends when all 5 foxes are found. The number of points gained will be displayed by a pop-up message, closing which you can see the playing field, and analyze the result if you want.

For a new game, click the "Start Game" button again.

Evaluation of result:
up to 10  points -- excellent
from 10 to 30  points -- very good
from 30 to 100 points -- good
more than 100 points -- bad
To start the game, click the button